AmphibAlaska's new amphibious Mark V is a versatile vehicle for land and water.

The New Amphib Assembly - Carbon Fiber Concept-A

The New Carbon Fiber Concept A Amphibious Vehicle - View 1

Amphib-Alaska Landing Craft

Engineered to do 30 mph on water - and 30 mph over land
Dimensions and Power/Drive Systems:

  • Length: 38'
  • Width:   11'8"
  • Horse Power: Twin 500hp diesel engines
  • Twin 500hp 18" North American T 431 H Tractor Jets
  • Two 4-speed Transaxles - 10 to 1 Reduction
  • Generator 50 KW
  • Track drives - Auburn 6 to 1 Reduction
  • Machine will travel up to 30 degree slope
  • 7500 lbs useful load
The Mark V landing craft where the vehicle, not nature, sets the course over hard ground, sand, snow, tundra, ice, sea, rivers, and lakes.

Stan Hewitt

Hewitt's Experience

Stan Hewitt at his shopHewitt learned to weld as a young man in the U.S. Air Force. He later worked as a commercial welder, specializing in aluminum welding. Hewitt earned commercial fixed-wing and helicopter pilot licenses and owned a Southeast Alaska air taxi business. He's built and rebuilt aircraft. He's built and rebuilt commercial marine vessels.

Hewitt is as much at home piloting a chopper as welding an aluminum boat hull or rebuilding a jet outdrive. The longtime Alaskan has run a restaurant and an air-taxi service -- but whatever else he's done, the backcountry called.

The Need Inspires A Concept

If necessity is the Mother of invention, versatility is Dad. That makes Stan Hewitt a perfect parent for a new kind of amphibious vehicle.

"My first concept for an amphibious vehicle was meant for duck-hunting in mud flats of the Stikine River," Hewitt says  "I also have property that's inaccessible at low tide. And Alaska has so much ice and boggy land. Gets you thinking."

"I love to build and I love to solve problems. When the problem is getting access across an area that's part land and part water, there's one answer.  I think this is it."

Click the middle image below to see a video of AmphibAlaska's amphibious vehicles going into the water, cruising, and coming out of the water.

The Concept Becomes A Reality

Amphibian's builder has long experience with aircraft, boats and the backcountry. This project started with need for transport in rugged places.

Travels in Louisiana and Florida, where land and water interlace and defy ordinary vehicles, furthered Hewitt's concepts. So he set to work in his Alaska shop. AmphibAlaska was born.

AmphibAlaska unites Stan Hewitt's mechanical virtuosity and his knowledge of the challenges posed by untamed backcountry. His uniquely versatile vehicle -- a successful work in progress -- is designed to conquer any course. Now, we're on to the second stage.